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How to transfer contacts from iPhone to GALAXY?

Finally, Samsung releases the GALAXY S4, which has attracted the attention of thousands. And once again your mind has been shaken. Billboards, broadcast, TV commercials, newspapers and magazines, everywhere has got its slogan -- Come and Experience! At last, you ditched your iPhone 4 and get your new GALAXY S4 and desperately to get started and tell your best friends about this great news. Turns out, you have no numbers at all! And the thought of syncing contacts, messages, photos, music and videos give you a big headache. What are you gonna do? You've got iPhone to Android Transfer to sort it out for you! What a blast!

Below is a step by step guide on how to transfer iPhone contacts to GALAXY.


Step 1: Download and install iPhone to Android Transfer

You can download iPhone to Android Transfer for free. After installing, you can launch it by double-clicking the desktop icon and then get a window as follow.

Step 2: Connect Your Devices to Computer

Connect both devices (one source and one target) to your computer via USB cables. It is automatically set that the first to connect is the destination device (target device), and then the source device. You can always change their place by clicking "Flip". Here Samsung GALAXY S4 is the destination device, which you should connect first and then iPhone 4 the source device. 

Step 3: Check the Options and Start to Transfer

After connecting both devices, the data you can transfer from the source to the target will be listed as well as their amount, such as Contacts, Photos, Messages, videos and else. Now you can check the box before Contacts and transfer them from your iPhone4 to GALAXY S4. Click "Start Copy" to transfer.

NOTE: You can check this option to clear data on your target(destination) device before the transfer.

Step 4: Waiting for the Transfer to Be Done.

Within a minute your Contacts will be successfully transferred to your GALAXY S4.

NOTE: Please make sure both devices are well connected during the transfer progress. 

Step 5: Click "OK" and DONE!

When transfer progress is completed, please click "OK".

NOTE: Not only Contacts can be transferred, but also Call logs, Messages, Music, Photos and Videos. Click to see how to transfer photo/music/video from iPhone to GALAXY?

Above is an example guide of data transfer from iPhone to GALAXY. Other devices are quite similar, you may find the corresponding tutorial on our USER GUIDE section. If not, feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out.