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HTC Sync Manager How to transfer data from iPhone to HTC One?

Transferring data between devices nowadays is a lot easier than before. The most convenient one is the widely applied technique of cloud service, such as iCloud from Apple, Google or else that can store personal information like contacts and calendars. iCloud may be a great breakthrough that could store music, videos, photos and apps info other than contacts and calendar, however, only between iOS devices. So what about those HTC users and those wanna transfer data more than just contacts and calendar? How are we gonna transfer contents like photos, music and videos in a fast and easy way? HTC Sync Manager is certainly up for the mission.

HTC Sync Manager

How to transfer data from iPhone to HTC ONE with HTC Sync Manager?

Well, you've opted for the HTC One, to which you're going to switching from iPhone. What you need are a computer with HTC Sync Manager installed, your iPhone and HTC One, their USB Cables, and a few minutes.

To get started, you need to install HTC Sync Manager on your computer, which can be downloaded for free.

HTC Sync Manager

As soon as HTC Sync Manager is installed and running, connect your HTC One to computer via USB Cable and then your iPhone as well. HTC One here is seen as the Destination device and iPhone the Source.

When connecting your HTC One to computer, there is something that you should do manually on your device. That is to enable the USB Debugging Mode so that HTC Sync Manager can access your HTC One.

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode?

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Next select from the listed categories: Contacts, Call logs, SMS, Photos, Music, Videos and Apps by checking the boxes. And also you can opt to have you HTC One wiped clean before copying any data into it.

Click "Start Copy" whe you are all set and ready to begin tranferring the selected items to your HTC One. Please make sure both devices are well connected during the process. Not for long, maybe only within a few minutes after clicking Start, the process will be finished and you can disconnect your phone and get started with your brand new HTC One with all the information you need in it.

HTC Sync Manager really makes it very simple for iPhone users to transfer contents and data over to HTC One, and of course Android users.