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HTC Sync Manager How to transfer iPhone Contacts to HTC ONE?

HTC Sync Manager

We have so many smartphones released this year, some of them are quite brilliant. And the new HTC ONE are definitely one of those elite ones. With a sleek aluminum body, a live home screen that streams all of your favorite content, a photo gallery that comes to life, and dual frontal stereo speakers, the new HTC ONE is really one of a kind and worth switching to. Before enjoying your new smartphone, there is at least one thing that you need to do, that is transferring contacts into your HTC ONE.

How to transfer iPhone contacts to HTC ONE with HTC Sync Manager?

It's easier than ever to transfer your contacts to the new HTC ONE.

Before transferring progress actually begin, there are a few things that need to be done.

  • 1. Download and install HTC Sync Manager to your computer.
  • 2. Make sure you have both of your devices (iPhone and HTC ONE) and their USB cables (original ones recommended), in front of you.

Now syncing contacts from iPhone to HTC with HTC Sync Manager.

HTC Sync Manager

1. Connect HTC One to you computer via USB.

HTC ONE will automatically goes to the destination spot when you connect it first to your computer. HTC ONE is based on Android OS, and to access it you need to enable USB Debugging Mode first.The way to enable it differs from the build version of your Android. The moment you connect your HTC ONE to your computer, the driver installation will automatically begin. After that, HTC Sync Manager will guide you to enable USB Debugging Mode with detailed information.

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode?

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android?

2. Connect iPhone to you computer via USB.

And iPhone now goes to the source device spot. If you find out that you've put them to the wrong place, you can always change it by clicking "Flip". So far, both of your devices are well connected to computer.

3. Select transfer content.

After connecting both devices, check the box before "Contacts". Now all settings are set and ready to go.

4: Start copy now.

Now you can click to start transfer. The transfer progress will take no more than a minute. You will get a list of ongoing progresses and results. Please make sure both devices are well connected during the transfer progress.

Note: With HTC Sync Manager, transferring iPhone contacts is no longer a headache for you. Besides, you can also transfer other data like call logs, music, photos and else to your new HTC ONE.