User Guide | iPhone to Android Transfer

How to transfer Photos/Music/Videos from iPhone to GALAXY?

Life Companion. Samsung Galaxy S4 has this phrase on its lock screen. It's a little sad but true that we can't live without it. The truth is, this brand new Samsung GALAXY S4 is all beauty and perfection, inside out. Designed to simplify everyday tasks, it delivers a ground-breaking performance attuned to every aspect of our lifestyle. Its 13 mega-pixel rear camera offers unrivaled image quality. The Group Play function allows eight* GALAXY S4 smartphones to be connected wirelessly for sharing photos and documents and playing music together. And there are a lot more features for you to discover and enjoy. You've got this new miracle device on your hand and you have trouble transferring data from your old iPhone.

iPhone to Android Transfer is gonna help you out!

Step 1: Download, install and launch iPhone to Android Transfer

You can download iPhone to Android Transfer for free. After successful installation on your computer, click the desktop icon to launch iPhone to Android Transfer. The interface will pop out.

Step 2: Connect Your iPhone and GALAXY S4 to Computer

Connect your GALAXY S4 (Destination device) and iPhone 4 (Source device) to your computer via USB cables. It is automatically set that the first to connect is the destination device (target device), and then the source device. You can always change their place by clicking "Flip".

NOTE:Connecting your GALAXY S4 to your computer, you will need to enable the USB Debugging Mode on your Android first. Click here to see how. And you may also need to authorize your PC by checking the box on your device as shown,

Step 3: Check Music/Photos/Videos and Click to Start

After connecting both your iPhone and GALAXY S4, the data you can transfer from the source to the target will be listed as well as their amount. Now you can check the box before Music/Photos/Videos and transfer them from your iPhone4 to GALAXY S4. Click "Start Copy" to transfer.

NOTE: You can check this option to clear data on your target(destination) device before the transfer.

Step 4: Waiting for the Transfer to Be Done.

The transfer progress will take several minutes according to the size of your data. You will get a list of ongoing progresses and results.

NOTE: Please make sure both devices are well connected during the transfer progress.

Step 5: Click "OK" and DONE!

When transfer progress is completed, please click "OK".

NOTE: You can also transfer Contacts, Messages from your iPhone to Samsung GALAXY S4. Click to see How to transfer contacts from iPhone to GALAXY?

Above is an example guide of data transfer from iPhone to GALAXY. Other devices are quite similar, you may find the corresponding tutorial on our USER GUIDE section. If not, feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out.