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Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android without Gmail account?

Syncing contacts with Gmail account really makes contacts transfer from one phone to another, which is an essential part of data transferring, not particularly difficult. But it still takes a lot of steps to get it done, especially with iPhone contacts, which you need to operate with iTunes. Sadly, after a number of information leakage emerge incessantly, I have no faith in any cloud storage or cloud synchronization. So what should we do when not backing up contacts with a Gmail account? Gladly, iPhone to Android Transfer offers the fastest and safest way to move your iPhone contacts to Android.

How to move iPhone contacts to Android with iPhone to Android Transfer?

The preparations you need to do:

After all preparations are done, proceed by following steps below.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android using iPhone to Android Transfer.

Step 1: Connect both devices to computer.

It is automatically set that the first device you connect goes to the destination section. But you can always change their places by clicking "Flip". When connecting Android device to computer, you need to enable USB Debugging Mode first. The way to enable it differs from the build version of your Android. iPhone to Android Transfer offers you the detailed information on how to enable it according to your Android version as shown below.

NOTE: How to Enable USB Debugging Mode

Step 2: Check the box before Contacts.

After connecting both devices, the data you can transfer from the source to the target will be listed as well as their amount. You can check the boxes before items to choose the data you want to transfer. In this case, check the box before "Contacts".

Step 3: Click "Start Copy" to begin.

Now you can click to start transfer. The transfer progress will take no more than a minute. You will get a list of ongoing progresses and results.

Note: Please make sure both devices are well connected during the transfer progress.

Step 4: Click "OK" and DONE!

Congratulations, you successfully transfer your iPhone contacts to your Android device even without a Gmail account. And clearly it is more convenient.

Note: Above is an example guide of data transfer from iPhone to Android. Other than contacts, you can also transfer call logs, music, photos and else between devices.